Why are poodle crossbreeds so popular?

Poodle mixes are becoming more and more popular. A Poodle mix is considered a cross between a Poodle and another dog breed. Depending on the breeds in the cross, the hybrid dog breed may be recognized as a designer dog breed.

Poodle mixes are so popular because of the many benefits they offer. They are attractive dogs with cute coats and faces. Furthermore, they are intelligent, loving, and easy to train. Those with allergies can own them because they shed less and can often be hypoallergenic.

Why are poodle crossbreeds so popular?

What are the reasons of poodle crossbreeds popularity?

“Why the Poodles are considered the best breed for crossbreeding”, and found some useful info. So, without further ado, let’s find the reasons behind the Poodle’s popularity.

Why are poodle crossbreeds so popular? 

Less Diseases Impressive health, intelligence, and temperament stand out in crossbreeding. Poodles have a top-tier score in these fields.

The “designer dog” fashion hit a new threshold in the late 20th century. Hence, breeders started crossbreeding Poodles with purebreds to jump the “designer dog” wagon. They aimed at superior intelligence and a non-shedding coat in the process.

What is a Poodle crossbreed?

In a nutshell, purebred Poodles crossbreed with other purebred dogs. So, Poodle crossbreeds also come from mixed breed dogs, designer dogs, and hybrid dogs. They are an intraspecies dog breed and not an interspecies breed.

Why so many Poodle mixes?

Poodle mixes are gaining popularity by the day. They offer countless benefits of petting a dog. Irresistible coats and disposition are two top reasons for their vast fandom.

Add intelligence, loving, and easy training faculties to the table. And you get a complete dog in a Poddle mix. Also, hypoallergenic Poodle mixes are suitable for allergic dog owners.

What prompts the popularity of Poodle crossbreeds?

Why is the Poodle the best-crossbred dog? Dog experts deliver some valuable insights into this matter. Let’s explore the seven reasons for the Poodle’s popularity.


Typically, crossbreeds outperform their purebred parents in terms of wellness. Genetics is responsible for their sound health. Genetic diseases’ probability remarkably decreases when the parents come from different dog breeds.


Great smartness puts the Poodle in the second rank, only next to the Border Collie. They can master a command within five attempts. Tracking and herding are two of their specialist areas. We see champion Poodles across sports and circus arenas.


High energy Poodles love children. You can efficiently train them to cohabitate with other pets.

Size variations

Standard, miniature, and toy Poodles cater to your size requirements. Also, they offer distinct traits and personalities. The Standard Poodle finely breeds with the Saint Bernard. Conversely, the Toy Poodle can go well with the Maltese or Pekingese.

Low-shedding coat

Allergic dog owners need a dog that does not flood the place with hair and dander. Poodles offer a low-shedding coat for those potential dog owners. Their coat sparsely sheds compared to the top shedders like the German Shepherd. Poodle mixes come with this characteristic.

Stunning companion

Poodles accompany all your sports endeavors. You can count on them from agility to flyball. Quick learning capacity lends a sporty character all along.

Sociable temperament

Poodles promise a benign, active, alert, and easy-to-train mentality. Learning new tricks and commands is their specialty. They are neither shy nor aggressive.

Why are poodle crossbreeds so popular?

Love for the owner and children is the backbone of their happy soul. Besides, senior citizens, guests, toddlers, and other pets find them attractive. They can protect your family with a keen sense of threats.

Hypoallergenic coat

Poodle mixes are prone to wear a non-allergenic coat, a trait of Poodle fur. Poodles guarantee low allergenic features despite having no such thing as a non-allergenic coat. 

You can count on their low shedding properties, thanks to the excellent undercoat. The woolly undercoat allows only minimum release of allergic components. So, allergic owners can get along well with Poodle mixes.

Moderate personality

Poodle crosses come with moderate personality bettering their parents. A modest dog owner gets relieved as he does not have to deal with a boisterous puppy.

Service dog

Poodles are excellent service dogs. They are a peerless match for any blind or partially blind dog owner. Deaf owners can use the services of a trained Poodle mix as well.

Coat colors

Poodles bid you rainbow colors from apricot, red, white, and black to sable, phantom, and brindle. Typically, their crosses bring in irresistible coat colors and patterns.

These appealing seven characteristics turn Poodle crosses into a compelling dog choice. However, breeders cannot guarantee any inherited properties. But we bet on the best traits all along regardless.

Pros & cons of Poodle crosses


  • Low shedder
  • Robust health
  • Superior personality
  • Easily trainable


  • Absence of the best parental traits.
  • No genetic testing breeds health issues.
  • Inherits parental defects.
  • Expensive designer dogs.

Are Poodle mixes hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic dogs bring fewer allergic elements to the table. They shed minimal fur or hair. Poodles have a tight undercoat that deters shedding to a great length. Therefore, Poodle crosses can obtain this desired characteristic too.

The pups of two hypoallergenic dog parents have a better chance in this respect. However, there is a 50/50 chance if one of the parents is a non-hypoallergenic dog. Hypoallergenic fur causes less irritation and shedding.

What are some popular Poodle crossbreeds?

The world-famous Poodle mixes include several dog breeds.

Pekapoos (Pekingese + Poodle)

Goldendoodle or Groodle (Golden Retriever + Poodle)

Schnoodle (Schnauzer + Poodle) 

Sheepadoodle (Sheepdog + Poodle) 

Yorkipoo (Yorkshire Terrier + Poodle)

Final words

The popularity of Poodle crossbreeds is going through the roof. Several well-grounded reasons contribute to their immense fanfare. However, you must weigh the pros and cons before jumping for a specific one. They have diverse characteristics. So, you must check out their compatibility with your family.


Meet Pumba, a proud Poodle lover and owner. From a young age, Pumba has always had a deep affinity for dogs, finding their loyal and affectionate nature to be irresistible. As she grew older, she knew that she wanted to share her life with a furry friend and soon adopted her first Poodle dog.

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