Do Poodles Howl?

Do Poodles howl? Poodles do howl. However, rarely do they howl.

Typically, separation anxiety leads to Poodle howling. Besides, several howl specialists like the Beagle coach the Poodle into howling.

Poodles have several breeds and varieties. Do they all howl? What is a Poodle howl? Can I find a dog breed incapable of howling? You can have all these answers from our blog.

Do Poodles Howl?

Can Poodle howl?

Yes, Poodles can howl. But you would detect howls only occasionally. They howl due to separation anxiety. Also, Poodles learn it from other howling dogs like Beagles.

Can Standard Poodles howl?

Standard Poodles seldom howl. They mostly do it when lonely. So, they may be asking for your attention. Also, it may derive from being upset. Besides, Standard Poodles can howl on a cue if trained or taught.

Can Toy Poodle howl?

All Toy Poodles, Mini Poodles, and Poodle mixes do howl. However, some cannot acquire this skill unless taught. Toy Poodles might howl due to hunger.

Moderate howling in Toy Poodle is pretty much commonplace regardless of age. But ceaseless howling could indicate sickness and pain.

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Why do Poodles howl?

Poodles have some wolf-like genetics. Dog researchers often blame those genes for howling. So, is howling a pack activity? Or is it for attention only? Therefore, our dog experts reveal common causes of Poodle howls. 

Communication with fellow dogs

A Poodle group bursts out, howling to ensure each other’s safety and togetherness.

Territorial protection

Howling sends out warning messages to others. It helps protect their territory and group members. They can prepare in advance for threats.

Anxiety or stress

Sickness, injuries, and fright factors contribute to howls. Also, they seek help for pain and distress.

Howling to loudness

Screams, noises, and blaring sounds drive Poodles crazy. These elements cause stress to the dog. Loud noises create panic and anxiety. Consequently, dogs start yelling at those sound sources.


Solitary dogs feel left out. Hence, they howl. Days and nights in a crate are never ideal for the puppy. Their howling instinct gets triggered in such a situation, especially at night.


Howling is a trademark of Bloodhounds and Beagles. These born howlers communicate with their pack members upon locating their prey. 

Attention seeking

Boredom comes out in the form of howling. The poor thing is just craving your focus. Howling always works in grabbing your undivided attention. The dog knows it too well.


Coyotes, wolves, etc crawl the earth at night. The dog detects the howling sounds of those wild creatures from afar. So, your puppy is probably exchanging his greetings with the wild ones.

How to teach a Poodle to howl?

Howling is a gene-specific behavior found in some breeds like huskies, hounds, beagles, foxhounds, coon hounds, and dachshunds.

Poodle howl inspirations

The Poodle may chime in with a street vehicle, police siren, or neighboring dogs. Your dog may have lost howling capacity. He needs to retrieve this lost connection. 

What can you do here? Yes, you can acquaint him with other dogs. So, the puppy can retrieve an attribute of its wolf ancestors. Expose him to the playmates in the park. Natural howling then eventually allows for howl training.

Music or musical instruments

Poodles inevitably find their howling spirit in music. They have individual musical preferences too. You may unleash different genres of music, and the dog would certainly pick up one of them. High notes on the piano, harmonica, and other instruments can do the trick as well.

Dog howling tracks

Poodles also howl in response to the recordings of other dogs. Numerous online and YouTube howling videos and compilations are ready for your download. Besides, some dogs speak to other animals’ sounds. You can try those sound bites too.

Use other everyday sounds.

Police and ambulance sirens do wonders in this regard. These soundtracks are effective in exposing their wolf spirit. Sirens are almost similar to dog howls. Therefore, it prompts a dog to voice out the sound. You may download siren sounds for this.

Howling on cue

Howling is an easy thing for a Poodle. But howling on a cue takes time and training. You can command “howl” or “sing” to support his howling each time. The dog picks up the cue over several weeks of practice. Besides, you may use hand signals to trigger howls.

Rewarding treats

Howl on command deserves good treats and praises. Thus, you can play the positive reinforcement card to instill this sweet behavior. Anyway, you have to drag the simulation by using trigger sounds and music.

However, be careful with lavishing the puppy with treats. Too many unearned treats spoil the puppy. You must be firm while rewarding him for howling on signals. But do not punish the Poodle for failing to perform up to the mark.

Continue practicing

Establishing a cue is not enough in and of itself. You need to practice it further. The dog must be able to howl on your command even without the treats in the final stage of the training.

The dog needs time to obtain the signals and skills. As he becomes a master howler, you can gradually phase out the treats.

Does my Poodle howl due to sadness?

No, Poodles do not howl solely because of sadness. Mournful howls have a romantic appeal in movies but not so much in real life. Poodles communicate via howls. However, sometimes their howling seems awfully depressing. Why is that? 

It could be because of sadness and depression. But they mostly seek your attention through this technique. Besides, dog cries could be a long howl. Injuries and pains often drive them to cry out loud for help. Those sounds are howling as well.


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