Female Poodle Dog Name: 400+ Unique Categorized Ideas!

Female Poodle Dog Names

Whenever a new little family member comes home, this becomes the first job, to name it. The same goes for your new female poodle dog, as she is now a family member. Now finding out the best poodle dog name to tame your little lady poodle dog would be the first step to go forward. 

The name of your pet expresses your choice, personality and knowledge. Without a nice and perfect name, you are likely to be unable to tame your pet dog properly. That’s why naming your new lady poodle guard, a bit girlishly and beautifully, is essential.

So, possibly, you are thinking of entitling her with the cutest and special designation. But, in this situation, it is common to be blank-headed!! So today, we are here to rescue you from this mess. 

Here we provide a massive resource of ladylike or girly poodle dog names. We have arranged these in separate categories. So, it will be quick to pick one according to your choice and taste.

So, let’s begin-

Name Inspiration You Exactly Needed:

You may feel blank or even overloaded while trying to set only one perfect name for your pet. 

Maybe you are thinking, again and again, that, “What is the name of a female poodle dog?” Or, “What is a female poodle puppy’s name?” But still, your mind seems empty to find something perfect out! 

When you think, “what is the name of a female dog?”, probably the names of male dogs come in front of you! Or, you can’t get what you exactly want.

When you go browsing for that, you are probably shown thousands of directions to be pulled toward. So sometimes, this may even throw you into a helpless and messy situation

That’s why we have arranged female poodle dog names categorically according to different choices. You will probably be able to pick one for yourself now.

  • Language-based name inspiration:

If you are enthusiastic about using different languages, you may wish to name your puppy in a foreign word. Here you may get the girl poodle name you want.


If you are a Japanese language lover, then just look upon the following Japanese female poodle dog names with meaning:

Aikalove song
Amayanight rain
Adzukired bean
Asamimorning beauty
Aoithe colour blue
Bigakua love for beautiful things
Bonsaithe bonsai tree
Chisai torilittle bird
Chibismall child
Dangosweet dumpling
Daikiborn for the great glory
Daichifrom the earth
Danujaa ruler
Gyarugal (part of a fashion subculture) 
Himarilight and love
Izakayapub or bar
Jazujazz music
Pokupanpork bun
Pikachusomething that doesn’t make noise
Sakuracherry blossoms
Satsumaimosweet potato
Udona thick wheat flour noodle
Yamatogreat harmony


Here you get the most famous Italian female poodle dog names for your selection:

AdreanaSee Adriana
AgneseSee Agnella
AlessandraDefender Of Human
AlonzaReady For Battle
AmaliaSee Amalea
AndreanaFeminine Of Andrea
AngelaSee Angelia
AnnuziataNamed For The Annunciation
AntoniaSee Antonietta
BattistaFor John Baptist
BautistaSee Battista
BaptisteJohn The Baptist
BeatriceSee Beatricia
BellanceSee Bianca
BlancaSee Bellance
BrunaVariant Of Brunetta
CammeoSculptured Jewel
CiraThe Sun
CameoSculptured Jewl
CammeoSee Cameo
CarinaVariant Of Cara, Means Beloved
CarlottaFeminine Of Italian Charlotte
CarmelinaSee Carmela
CarmelitaVariant Of Carmela
CarolinaFeminine Of Carlo, Manly
CatarineVariant Of Catarina
CaterinaVariant Of Catarina
EspressoConcentrated coffee drink
FlorenceThe beautiful capital city of Tuscany.
GrazieThank you
MilanThe sizeable Italian city is known for its fashion.
NeroThe last emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty.
RomaThe Italian version of “Rome.”
VeniceThe gorgeous city, full of canals and culture.
VeronaThe historical city in northeast Italy.
ZitiA thick spaghetti-like pasta with a hole running through the centre.


We are presenting here some precious names from the beautiful Hawaii island for your beautiful lady poodle dog:

  • Akela – Wisdom
  • Alamea –  Precious child
  • Alana – Awakening
  • Alani – Orange fruit tree
  • Alaula – Light of daybreak
  • Aliikai – Queen of the sea
  • Alika – Truthful
  • Aolani – Heavenly cloud
  • Eleu – Agile and lively
  • Ewalani – Heavenly woman
  • Haimi –  The seeker
  • Halia – Fond remembrance
  • Hanai – Lucky
  • Hoala – Agitate
  • Hula – Dance
  • Iniki – Famous Hawaiian hurricane
  • Inoki – Devoted
  • Iokina – God will develop
  • Iolana – Flying like a hawk
  • Ipo – Sweetheart
  • Kahili – Feather
  • Kaia – The sea
  • Kaikala – Sea and the sun
  • Kaila – Stylish
  • Kailani – Sea and sky
  • Kaimana – Man of the sea
  • Kaiolohia – Calm of the sea
  • Kalama – The light
  • Kalani – The sky
  • Kalea – Bright
  • Kalei – Beloved
  • Kalena –  Brightest start
  • Kaloni – Sky
  • Kamea – the only
  • Kani – Sound
  • Kapua – Flower
  • Keala – Pathway
  • Kailana – Adored one
  • Keilani – Glorious Chief
  • Keona – God’s precious gift
  • Kiele – precious blossom
  • Kona – Lady
  • Lahela – Innocent lamb
  • Laka – Gentle
  • Laki – Lucky
  • Lalama – Daring
  • Lani – Sky
  • Lanikai – Heavenly sea
  • Leilani – Royal child
  • Lilo – Generous one
  • Lokelani – Small Red rose
  • Lolo – Crazy
  • Loni – Heaven
  • Luana – Happy
  • Mahina – Moonlight
  • Makani – The wind
  • Malana – Light
  • Malia – Calm and peaceful
  • Malina – Calming, soothing
  • Mana – Power
  • Meli – Honey

Miki – Quick

  • Miliani – Gentle caress
  • Mirena – Beloved
  • Moana – Ocean
  • Nalani – Calm skies
  • Nani – Great beauty
  • Noe – Rainy
  • Noelani –  Girl from heaven
  • Nohea – Lovely
  • Okalani – Heaven
  • Oliana – Oleander
  • Olina – Joyous
  • Palila – Bird
  • Poluna – Chubby
  • Pualani – Heavenly flower
  • Pualena – Yellow
  • Puanani – Beautiful flower
  • Roselani – Rose
  • Uilani – Great beauty
  • Ululani – Inspiration


Look at some gorgeous names from the dark forests of Africa:

  • Addae (Morning sun) 
  • Asha (Lively)
  • Addia (Being a gift) 
  • Aaliyah (Noble) 
  • Ata (Increase)
  • Aza (Strong or powerful)
  • Bheka (To watch)
  • Cebo (Plan)
  • Duma (Lightning) 
  • Enyi (Friend)
  • Jabari (Brave or fearless) 
  • Jambo (A greeting)
  • Kamikazi (Queen)
  • Kianga (Sunshine) 
  • Kwini (Queen) 
  • Kanzi (Treasure) 
  • Kali (Energetic)
  • Lebo (Thankful) 
  • Monna (Unique) 
  • Mhina (Full of delight)
  • Moseka (Young girl)
  • Mhambi (Traveler)
  • Minzi (Protector)
  • Moriti (Shadow) 
  • Mosi (Firstborn) 
  • Nala (Beloved)
  •  Nandi (Sweet) 
  • Obi (Heart)
  • Raadi (Thunder) 
  • Siti (Lady)
  • Safari (Journey) 
  • Sengo (Joy)
  • Titi (Flower) 
  • Tandi (Fire) 
  • Zibu (Water lily)
  • Zuri (Lovely)


See some Indian dog names too: 

  • Anya: Different
  • Ameya: Vast
  • Amisha: Truthful
  • Amiya: Delight
  • Bala: Young Girl
  • Champak: Flower
  • Chandra: Shining Moon
  • Devi: Goddess
  • Indra: Rainbow
  • Jasmin: A Flower
  • Jihan: Cosmos
  • Kaali: The Black Goddess
  • Kerani: Bells
  • Komala: Pleasing to the Senses
  • Ladki: Girl
  • Laksha: White Colored Rose
  • Lalasa: Love
  • Magna: Thinking
  • Mesha: Born During Lunar Month Aries
  • Neha: Cherished
  • Prapti: Catch Up
  • Prama: Knowing the Facts
  • Pritika: Beloved One
  • Rasna: Joy
  • Ritu: Clock
  • Riya: Singer
  • Sundar: Beautiful
  • Sagara: Ocean
  • Sakari: Lovely
  • Saryu: Moving Air / Name of a River
  • Smita: Happy Face
  • Sona: Golden
  • Tara: Star

Native American: 

Why don’t you choose some suitable words from the native American language? Let’s see:

  • Arizona: Means “Little Spring”.
  • Aylen: Means “Joy.”
  • Catori: Means “She is Spirit.”
  • Cheyenne: Means “Speaker of a Foreign Language.” 
  • Enola: Means “The Solitary One.”
  • Fala: Means “Crow.” 
  • Halona: Means “Happy Fortune.”
  • Halyn: Means, “Unique or Uncommon.”
  • Kachina: Means “Dancing Spirit.”
  • Kaliska: Means “Coyote Chasing Deer.”
  • Kimama: Means “Butterfly Girl.”
  • Naira: Means “Girl with Large Eyes.”
  • Nizhoni: Means “Pretty.”
  • Pipaluk: Means “Little One.”
  • Pocahontas: Means “Frisky One.”
  • Sayen: Means “Loveable.”
  • Tadita: Means “The Running One.”


Bangla is the only language globally to save which the native speakers (Bangladeshi people) accepted martyrdom. So, you may like to select something from this honoured sweet language:

  • Aboni (Sky)
  • Alta (A red colour used in Bengali ladies fashion )
  • Bonhi (Fire)
  • Chompa (a kind of flower)
  • Damama ( The drum sound to call for battle)
  • Foni (snake)
  • Golap (a kind of flower)
  • Hana (attack)
  • Ichchha (wish)
  • Jhikimiki (twinkle)
  • Kajol (black colour for eye make-up)
  • Lolita (graceful woman)
  • Mohona (estuary)
  • Nabanna (a Bengali festival)
  • Atondro (sleepless)
  • Parul (a kind of flower)
  • Ratri (night)
  • Shahoshi (brave)
  • Most Popular names 2021:

If you are a fashionable and trendy person, you will probably look for a nice trendy name for your pet. Mainly used female dog names 2020 were Bella, Maggie, Lucy etc. In 2021, some of those remains and some others come to be added with the trend. So let’s have a look:

  • Daisy
  • Luna
  • Lola
  • Bella
  • Roxy
  • Olive
  • Willow
  • Dixie
  • Nala
  • Food inspired names:

Food lovers often see their pets as lovely as their favourite foods. If you are one of them, then you must look below:

  • Chia
  • Carmella
  • Berry
  • Peaches
  • Fluffy
  • Olive
  • Cocoa or Coco
  • Brie
  • Ginger
  • Kiwi
  • Pepper
  • Lemon
  • Margarita
  • Cherry
  • Bell (Pepper)
  • Apple
  • Bubblegum
  • Ducky
  • Chick
  • Honey
  • Bun Bun
  • Muffin
  • Clementine
  • Rosemary
  • Clove
  • Charlotte
  • Sherry
  • Blanche
  • Chili
  • Magdalena
  • Barley
  • Cartoon names:

Are you a cartoon lover? Here are some cute names from the Disney dog names, cartoon characters, female dog characters and themes for you:

  • Snoopy
  • Droopy
  • Bingo
  • Augie
  • Belle
  • Bruno
  • Copper
  • Goofy
  • Huckleberry
  • Odie
  • Peabody
  • Perdita
  • Pluto
  • Pongo
  • Nana
  • Tramp
  • Tyke
  • Annabelle
  • Bolt
  • Buster
  • Courage
  • Dante
  • Dug
  • Kyle
  • Lucky
  • Max
  • Porkchop
  • Rocky
  • Scud
  • Zoe
  • Brian
  • Jasper
  • Ren
  • Santa’s Little Helper
  • Sharky
  • Spunky
  • Vinny
  • Beast
  • Betty
  • Blossom
  • Casper
  • Chuckie
  • Daphne
  • Dixie
  • Donald
  • Elmer
  • Flynn
  • Jake
  • Leela
  • Maggie
  • Olive (Oyl)
  • Pickles
  • Pixie
  • Rocko
  • Rocky
  • Shaggy
  • Sylvester
  • Wendy
  • Wiley
  • Wilma
  • Zed
  • Movie or novel character names:

Movie or novel lovers can choose from here:

Names from works of literature:

  • Arya (Game of Thrones)
  • Charlotte/Charlie (Charlotte’s Web)
  • Jane (Jane Eyre)
  • Jo (Little Women)
  • Katniss (The Hunger Games)
  • Lizzie (Pride and Prejudice)
  • Lucy (The Chronicles of Narnia)
  • Matilda (Matilda)
  • Nancy (Nancy Drew)
  • Ramona (Ramona Quimby)

Names from movies:

  • Katniss (Hunger Games)
  • Hermoine (Harry Potter)
  • Juliette (Romeo and Juliette)
  • Juno (Juno)
  • Dorothy (Wizard of Oz)
  • Mulan (Mulan)
  • Clarice (Silence of the Lambs)
  • Regina (Mean Girls)
  • Elle (Legally Blonde)
  • Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Leia (Star Wars)
  • Lois Lane (Superman)
  • Cher (Clueless)
  • Carrie (Carrie)
  • Furiosa (Mad Max)
  • Trinity (The Matrix)
  • Foxy (Foxy Brown)
  • Elsa (Frozen)
  • Cleopatra (Cleopatra)
  • Rose (Titanic)
  • Baby (Dirty Dancing)
  • Leeloo (The Fifth Element)
  • Thelma (Thelma and Louise)
  • Beatrix (Kill Bill)
  • Moana (Moana)
  • Fancy style names:
  • Avalon
  • Dior
  • Coco
  • Cleo
  • Penelope
  • Portia
  • Gabriella
  • Lady
  • Eva
  • Bella
  • Madonna
  • Sophie
  • Harmony
  • Harper
  • Princess
  • Effie
  • Elsa
  • Fifi
  • Sapphire
  • Diva
  • Jules
  • Diamond
  • Gucci
  • Ebony
  • Grace
  • Willa
  • Rose
  • Cora
  • Isabelle
  • Scarlett
  • Giselle
  • Belle
  • Isabella
  • Ivy
  • Mercedes
  • Saffron
  • Small dog names:
  • Mini
  • Annabelle
  • Ming
  • Lily
  • Lola
  • Milo
  • Rupert
  • Bigger dog names:
  • Ramp
  • Sasha
  • Apollo
  • Olympia
  • Queen
  • Pandora
  • Ophelia
  • Supreme
  • Zara
  • Badass female poodle dog names:

If you want to frighten your enemy or illegal intruders with your strong lady pet, here are some badass female dog names for you to choose from:

  • Rebel
  • Harley
  • Zelda
  • Sheena
  • Roxy
  • Blaze
  • Roxanna
  • Ruby
  • Vixen
  • Valencia
  • Flower inspired dog names:
  • Caspia
  • Myrtle
  • Cosmos
  • Daffodil
  • Iris
  • Poppy
  • Calla
  • Aster

These are some options for you to be inspired only. Of course, you are always free to use your creativity to name your pet.

Training the Name: 

After selecting a good name for your poodle puppy girl, here starts the actual battle. You have to train the name now! But how to?

Training name seemingly fulfills more than 80 percent of your dog’s total training. There are some easy ways to train your lady dog with the name-

  • Call her by name in a friendly and happy manner. 
  • Whenever you give her food, call her by name.
  • Don’t tell the name repeatedly (such as Bella- Bella- Bella). It will misguide her. She’ll think that her name is that bigger repeated one. So, she will wait to hear the total repetition each time before responding.
  • Utter the name with a clear voice and strong pronunciation once each time. 
  • Whenever she looks at you, call her by name smilingly. 
  • Use your eye language and try to understand hers too. 
  • Whenever she starts responding to the name, give her treats. It can be yummy food or some playtime with you. Of course, that depends on her choice. For the very first days, a food treat is the best selection. But later, possibly the time spent will become precious to her.
  • Always give positive feedback to her response. Try not to order or restrict her from doing something calling the name each time. You should also re-response her with a happy face when she responds.
  • Spend plenty of time with her for training. Keep roaming around her and call her names with a small gap of time. Each time you call, be careful that your eyes are just on her face.
  • Use eye contact to understand each other and come closer from the mind.
  • Speak to her just as you speak to a human baby. While speaking, use her name several times. 
  • Try visiting the parks or outside with your lady hound. Use her name happily for directing her in different directions at the open place. 
  • Try to train her in a quiet and chaos-free place, where nothing can distract her from your calls.

Over everything, your friendship will pull her to be tamed as well as to learn the name.

Tips and Tricks: 

Before naming and taming your canine girl, let’s learn about some tips and tricks-

  • Try to select a shorter name, which is easy to call.
  • Two syllable words are best for animal naming. 
  • Select words with solid consonants. Your pet gets that easy to understand separately.
  • Do not choose a name similar to the regular orders; you’ll have to place for commanding your dog. Such as Jit(=sit), Mo(=no). It may confuse the puppy sometimes. 
  • Learn the correct pronunciation of the name. Then, be ready to introduce the name to your kith and keen with the perfect pronunciation. Of course, you may have to utter the spelling for their understanding too. And, you will probably have to describe the meaning also. So, stay prepared.
  • If you have bought an old dog with an ugly previous name, just put an extra effort to rename it. It’s a bit tough but possible. Then, give her one scoop more food as a bribe for listening to you. It works like magic!
  • Responsibly care for your pet. But don’t over pamper your dog so that it becomes your owner! Instead, keep space and teach her the duties.


  1. What is the most popular girl dog name?

Answer: Possibly, the most popular girl dog name is “Bella”. You may see a lot of Bella playing in the park nowadays. Some other popular girl dog names in 2021 are-

  • Daisy
  • Luna
  • Lola
  • Bella
  • Roxy
  • Olive etc.
  1. How to choose a perfect name for my girl dog?

Answer: Here are some tips for you to choose a perfect name for your girl dog-

  • Keep her outlook and behaviour in mind.
  • Don’t forget your purpose to bring it home.
  • Remember your expectations from it.
  • Look at the trends.
  • Prioritize your own choice.
  1. Which name will suit an American Eskimo Dog the best? 

Answer: American Eskimo is a dog breed with thick snow-white furs. Its shape is round-like and smaller. So, if you like to, you can easily name it-

  • Snowball
  • Spaghetti
  • Snoopy
  • Elsa 
  1. What is the easiest girl dog name to choose?

Answer: Some of the easiest or most accessible girl dog names are-

  • Lilo
  • Cara
  • Chilli
  • Fifi
  • Juno
  1. What is another name for a female dog?

Answer: People often ask, “What is another name for a female dog?” Another name for a female dog is mainly ‘bitch’. But there are more as-

  • Dam
  • Canid
  • Canine
  • Brood bitch
  1. What is the scientific name for a female dog?

Answer: Many times you will hear people ask “What is the scientific name for a female dog?” Then it’s very likely to say that there is no difference in the scientific name of a male or a female dog of the same species. The scientific name varies according to the species rather than gender. For example, Canis familiaris or Canis lupus familiaris is the scientific name of some domestic dog species.  Members of both genders carry the same species name as the scientific name.

The Wind-up:

Now, at the goodbye moment, I’d like to tell you that, never be upset about not finding the best female dog name for your precious puppy. If still, anything doesn’t match your choice, just go ahead with your inner innovation. Make something best yourself, match a heart-filled meaning and move on! Best of luck!