When do poodle puppies get curly hair

You can see me with my Poodle, Charlie. When she was growing up, I used to groom her every other week. This care program has given me incredible insights into their mental and physical development phases.

So talking about “When do poodle puppies get curly hair” is easy for me. Expect it to grow curly around 8-9 months of age. The curl begins with the change of puppy hair into adulthood.

When Do Poodle Puppies Get Curly Hair

My Charlie began changing its puppy coat at 09 months. Usually, coats of Toy and Miniature Poodles start changing at 08 months. It remains straight at a tender age.

However, it gradually becomes wavy to a curly coat. The process lasts up to 18-24 months. The coat of Standard Poodles will start altering at 09 months. Typically, they have their full adult coat by 12 months.

Difference between Puppy & Adult Coats of Poodle

Poodles have hair and not fur. Hair grows much longer than fur. Poodle puppy hair grows more when it hits adulthood. Soon, tangling and matting will increase the grooming requirements. Let’s check out their outstanding coat features. 

  • Textures are the most prominent contrast between puppy and adult coats.
  • Soft and wavy puppy hair is markedly different from its senior rivals’ curly and coarser ones.
  • Besides, grown Poodles are comparatively low-shedding, unlike their counterparts.
  • Moreover, thick coats define fully developed Poodles.

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Poodle Coat Shedding Duration

The coat shedding of a Poodle puppy continues for 3-9 months. Toy and Miniature Poodles require a long time to shed their puppy coats. Meanwhile, Standard Poodles get over the shedding phase pretty fast. 

However, I must caution you about one thing. Make no surefire assertions about this period. A particular Poodle may alter all your guesswork in this respect. A genetic predisposition will determine it. Typically, your Poodle puppy will follow in the footsteps of its parents.

Poodle Coat Shedding Duration

Poodle Coat Development Features

I noticed my Poodle has hair, not fur. Hence, it grows incredibly long just like hair if you let it go unrestricted. It requires a gigantic effort to maintain it.

So the coat development cycle has tons of variations. Usually, Poodle’s coat grows from half an inch to an inch monthly. However, the growth rate may vary. It depends on individual genetics and health. If you can maintain it correctly, the hair get longer for several years.

Poodle Hair Growth Cycle

Dog researchers have located three stages of Poodle hair development. I have come across its truth as well. Now, I will explain these three steps. 

Active Phase: Hair overgrows and gets bigger and bigger.

Transition Phase: Hair enlargement continues but at a slower pace. This stage jumps into the final stage.

Final Phase: The development stops altogether and the hair falls. Again comes the active phase with a rush of new hair.

Poodle Coat Development Issues

Cords: Many Poodle owners love their dogs with curly hair. It adds superb beauty value to dog shows. Cording takes about a year to form properly. It lets you free from brushing the coat every day. However, uncared cords could turn into disastrous matting, a bigger concern to handle. Careful and regular brushing will keep the locks tidy.

Long or Short Coat? So how long you should keep your Poodle’s coat? A short coat is less work. But a long coat is what puts the Poodle’s outlook to its element. Long hair gives you a lot of outfit options to select from. I think 20-inch cords look the best on a puppy. 

Poodle Curly Coat Care

Like me, every Poodle owner easily falls for its personality and characteristics. But Poodle grooming is not a breeze. You need steadfast commitment. Brush the dog daily. Apart from brushing, take it to a professional dog groomer for baths and blow-drying. Thus, your Poodle’s coat will shine due to good maintenance. 

People Also Ask

How does a Poodle look during shedding?

I noticed the Poodle puppy looking untidy even after grooming. This phenomenon is a unique aspect of this dog breed during shedding. It is none of your fault. You must continue with the proper grooming routine. Also, keep your dog on a healthy diet.

Do I cut Poodle coats regularly?

I groom my Charlie every ten to twelve days now. So I face minimum coat tangles and troubles. Interestingly, many poodle owners would not cut their hair very often. However, I do not understand their motive for this decision. I find Poodle hair growing more as I cut and tend to it frequently. Eventually, I get even better quality by the day.

How to get a gorgeous Poodle coat?

I have a secret sauce for stunning Poodle hair. You must tend to the entire routine program. Poodle coat care involves several essential things, including regular bathing, brushing, quality Poodle products, etc. Thus, I have grown healthy, thick dog hair while avoiding weak and tangled hair.

Final Words

So when do poodle puppies get curly hair? Poodles are born with their puppy coat. This soft, wavy hair varies from the adult’s thick and curly coat. The puppy coat is fundamentally different from the adult coat requiring much attention. The coat turns adult at the age of 8 months.

This is the time when milk teeth have been replaced with adult teeth. The puppy is just entering its puberty phase. Be careful to not let it get matted and messy. Large mats will damage the look and feel. So you must learn how to groom a poodle.


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