When Do Poodle Puppies Stop Teething?

Poodle puppies seemingly go through an endless teething period. In truth, their teething starts at three weeks with puppy teeth coming out. This period ends after 8 months when the baby teeth fall and make room for adult teeth.

Teething causes gum irritation, itchiness, and uncomfortable feelings. Chewing relieves those unpleasant feelings. It diverts their minds from the painful experience. The best teething toys can help the Poodle. Else, he chews on your furniture, pillow, and shoes to soothe irritating puppy gums.

When Do Poodle Puppies Stop Teething?

What are the signs of Poodle teething?

Puppy teething is a temporary period. But it has disturbing consequences for your life, training, and furniture. However, the ill behavior stops at its track as baby teeth emerge.

You must expect this dog nuisance during the teething period. The puppy even nips you while chewing on one and all objects in this stage.

Look at these puppy teething signs:

  • Chewing everything from people to furniture 
  • Incoherent drooling
  • Whining due to gum pain
  • Decreased appetite as he feels pain grinding the food
  • Red or swollen gums 
  • Missing teeth 
  • Bad breath

When do Poodles stop teething?

Poodle teething continues from about 4 months until 8 months. 

  • 4 months old – The incisors come to grow.
  • 5 months old – The canine teeth get to grow.
  • 6 months old – The molars begin to grow.

A new poodle puppy goes through a lengthy teething period. Teething develops irritated and uncomfortable gums. Chewing reduces those painful feelings and diverts their attention from the discomfort. So, good teething toys help your poodle. You need the best chewing treats and toys to save the pillow, table legs, or a pair of stiletto heels.

As a late bloomer, Poodle teething may still continue for a few weeks beyond eight months.

What is Poodle teething age?

Poodle teething age begins from four weeks to eight months. The baby teeth set in and fall down during this period. Subsequently, they grow adult teeth. Poodle baby teeth come out at four to ten weeks of age

Just like humans, dogs start out with baby teeth before getting their adult teeth. Poodles get their baby teeth between ages four weeks and eight or ten weeks, which marks their first teething stage.

When do Poodles lose their puppy teeth?

Poodle puppies begin to lose their baby teeth around 2-4 months. Then the second teething round starts.

Poodle teething schedule:

  • 4 weeks: Baby incisors come out
  • 5 weeks: Baby canine teeth appear
  • 6 weeks: Baby molars turn up
  • 8-10 weeks: All baby teeth show up
  • 2-4 months: Milk teeth fall down & adult incisors pop up
  • 4-6 months: Adult premolars emerge
  • 4-7 months: Molars bulge out
  • 5-6 months: Adult canine teeth unfold
  • 6-8 months: Maximum adult permanent teeth grow

Cleaning Poodle’s teeth

  • Habituate the Poodle by examining and touching his gums. Use coconut oil for puppy gums while sleeping or tired. Beware of his nipping and biting.
  • Let the Poodles chew toys & treats to self-clean their teeth. Dental chew toys are ideal.
  • Start daily toothbrushing from 12 weeks on. Pick the best dog toothpaste and toothbrush.
  • A dental powder cleanser with a little water can do the trick too. This easy-to-use dog product maintains cleanliness.

How to maintain Poodle teeth healthy?

Initial dental exams do the best for your Poodle puppy. It involves teeth, gum, and oral cavity inspection. You can learn the basics of dental cleaning from the vet. So, you can have an effective idea of brushes, toothpaste, and techniques.

The puppy needs regular brushing from 6 months onwards when his adult teeth emerge. You can stop plaque, stinky breath, and medical concerns this way. Daily brushing is good. But weekly or half-weekly dental cleanings are fine as well.

How long does Poodle teething last?

Poodle teething continues from four weeks to 6/8 months. Hence, when does puppy teething finish? Poodle teething ends as the adult teeth make their way in around 6-8 months of age.

However, some puppies still need a few weeks beyond the usual teething timeframe, up until even 12 months. He would poke around for those few extra weeks.


Typically, Poodle teething spans from four to eight months. The puppy gains its adult teeth by eight months ending the painful teething period and behavior. Anyway, some Poodle late bloomers would still linger this time up to 12 months.


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