How Much Does a Standard Poodle Weigh

So Monica was hunting for a big dog and knew where to turn for advice – her uncle. I was preparing food for my five pups when she rushed to me. But I was all ears and listening carefully. Before she knew it, I had the perfect breed in mind for her – the Standard Poodle!

So how much does a Standard Poodle weigh? Monica asked at once. Adult ones weigh 45-70 pounds. But their body weight depends on good food, exercise, and care. Luckily, had my answer ready for her. After walking down the tidbits, she liked this dog breed.

Features of Standard Poodles

Standards are the oldest and largest among three Poodle breeds, the other two being Toy and Miniature. Proportioned physic gives them a “squarely built” shape. A pompous and thick coat defines them.

However, they have “hypoallergenic” properties, relieving allergic dog owners. They are brilliant, social dogs who love to stay in the family. But you must manage their high energy with lots of activities.

Weight: 45-70 pounds (about 20-32 kg).

Height: 18-24 inches at the shoulder.

Standard Poodle Diet & Food

Poodles need protein-rich foods, including chicken, beef, turkey, duck, and fish. Give him a proportionate amount of grains, fruits, and vegetables. These high-quality dog foods ensure nutrients. Furthermore, provide fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber to be healthy. So how much does a Standard Poodle weigh? Good food and health can determine its answer.

Proper Poodle Feeding & Nutrition

A well-proportioned diet keeps your dog healthy, playful, and disease-free. The right dish sizes, food choices, and expert recommendations can ease your task. There are several issues at work, as I have discussed here.

Wet vs Dry: According to vets, wet food is better for easy eating, hydration, and feeling full. On the other hand, dry food is more convenient, helps with oral health, and is cheaper.

Grain vs Grain-Free: Dog food with grains has ingredients like wheat, barley, oats, millet, or sorghum. But excessive grain causes stomach issues. Both kinds of food can be healthy for your dog, and they need them to live a long and happy life.

Homemade vs Commercial: Poodles can thrive on either food. The FDA ensures commercial pet food safety. The meat, chicken, and grains are good for the puppy. But many conscious dog owners prefer homemade puppy food.

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Best Ingredients of Poodle Food

Your dog requires 07 basic ingredients in the diet while avoiding some others. I have listed them in a table for your convenience.

Dog Food FundamentalsHarmful Elements
All natural.Artificial flavor.
Natural preservatives.Artificial colors.
Healthy proteins.Chemical preservatives.
Zero fillers.By-products like lungs, spleen, etc.
Balanced grains.Generic meats.
Vitamins & minerals.Fillers.
Proper hydration.High grain count.

Mealtimes for Poodle Standards

Apart from full meals, robust Poodles need adequate snacks and hydration. So when to feed a dog in a day?

Below 03 months: Puppies thrive on free-feeding. However, serve them fresh food. Do not leave the leftover day long. Instead, remove it in time. 

Puppy & Adult: They need 3 meals a day. Also, you may serve 2 large meals to the older ones.

How Much Can I Feed a Poodle?

Let them eat for 15  minutes to fill them up properly. However, a healthy dog diet considers the dog’s age, activity level, individual metabolism, and health. So the food amount can widely vary. Besides, they eat more in winter and less in summer.

Puppy Poodles need 50-55 calories or 01 ounces per 01 pound of their body weight. Conversely, adult dogs do well with 35-45 calories only. This difference comes from a slower metabolism and limited mobility of senior puppies. 

Note: Commercial dog foods come with clear dog feeding guidelines. They classify the ratio based on age and weight.

Standard Poodle Coat Care

Poodles have two types of fur, wiry on the outside and cottony underneath. As they grow from a puppy to an adult, their coat can change greatly, from soft and wavy to matted, curly, and thick. But brushing them often can help keep their coat looking good. 

To make their fur shiny and clean, use special shampoo and conditioner with protein. It is best to groom your Poodle when they are six weeks old so they get used to it. Some people prefer DIY Poodle grooming instead of taking them to a professional.

Shedding & Dog Allergy

Shedding is never an issue with Poodle. The tight coat holds all loose hair and prevents your place from being messy. Despite being “hypoallergenic,” some people will still get caught in the crossfire of dander. Sometimes, Poodles lose hair permanently, and experts blame excessive body temperatures for it.

Standard Poodle Exercise Plan & Schedule

About 40-60 minutes of workouts help good digestion, maintain health, and prevent diseases like constipation, UTI, arthritis, etc. Plus, the dog learns to behave with regular exercise. It can reduce undue aggression, destructive nature, barking, and attention-seeking. I have listed different forms of dog exercises below –

  • Walking,
  • Water sports like swimming, retrieving, etc.
  • Fetching,
  • Interactive toys like treat balls,
  • Frisbee,
  • Rope-jumping,
  • Water games,
  • Agility,
  • Soccer,
  • Hurdles. 

Sound Sleep Makes a Fine Dog

Poodles can sleep between 12-20 hours daily. Typically, puppies and adults tend to sleep more. Adult Poodles will require a modest amount of sleep. Responsible dog owners do not let their dogs sleep with them. Show him the rightful sleeping place.

Common Diseases of Standard Poodle

Highly active Poodles occasionally suffer from hip dysplasia, idiopathic epilepsy, skin conditions, and gastrointestinal issues. They need a doctor’s prescription and diagnosis to address these major health concerns.

Last Words

“So how much does a Standard Poodle weigh” is a multi-layered question. Essentially, Standard Poodles are athletic and intelligent water dogs. Originally, they had been bred to hunt waterfowl. This is a good-natured dog. However, they need regular exercise and training to keep their minds and bodies fresh.


Meet Pumba, a proud Poodle lover and owner. From a young age, Pumba has always had a deep affinity for dogs, finding their loyal and affectionate nature to be irresistible. As she grew older, she knew that she wanted to share her life with a furry friend and soon adopted her first Poodle dog.

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