Coat Paradox: Do Standard Poodles Have Hair or Fur?

Many people wonder, “Do Standard Poodles have hair or fur.” All Poodles have hair, not fur, just like my 04 year old Charlie. Their hair has two separate layers.

Moreover, the Standard Poodle is among the lowest-shedding dogs, similar to Bichon Frise and Havanese. I can recommend this dog breed for people who want to avoid canine hair all over the place. Now, let’s unpack the issue further.

What Differentiates Dog Hair and Fur?

Poodle owners stumble on this question quite frequently. I have listed three factors separating hair from dog fur. Actually, dog hair and fur are the same regarding their structural and genetic composition. Their variations rely on their look, feel, and care outlines.

  • Fur has a certain growth limit. It stops growing beyond that point. It falls off after that certain point. This loss of dog fur is what we call dog shedding. 
  • Conversely, hair has no shedding issue. It does not fall off en masse. Besides, its growth continues no matter what. This ceaseless growth is what separates dog hair from fur. 
  • Interestingly, hormonal changes affect the Poodle coat. Accordingly, hair thinning or hair loss could be the impact of their giving birth.
  • Hairy dogs, like Poodles, come with a single layer of hair. Conversely, furry dogs have a distinct double layer of fur, an overcoat and an undercoat.

Various Types of Poodle Hair

I must bring another hair issue to the fore apart from “Do standard poodles have hair or fur.” The Poodle’s coat color factor. Unique pigments and textures define a Standard Poodle. 10 Poodle colors can range from silver to apricot or champagne. 

Plus, their hair textures stretch from wavy to soft. It could become wooly or coarse too. Standard Poodles have spectacular hair. They rarely shed because it is not fur.

Typical Features of Adult Standard Poodle Coat

Poodle puppies have a soft, wavy coat. Eventually, it sheds a negligible amount. The grown Poodles grow a thick and curly coat. The adult coat can vary widely, including smooth, wavy, dense, and curly. 

Poodles are famous for their low shedding properties. Hence, people take it for low maintenance dogs. But unfortunately, that is not the case here. So you must do regular washing and clipping. This is fundamentally essential with daily coat maintenance at home. It will deter matting.

Ideas for Standard Poodle Hair Grooming

Proud puppy owners can exercise their imagination when it comes to Poodle Grooming. Basically, you can do whatever feels good or looks okay. However, three Poodle grooming styles are widespread.

  • Puppy Cut: This clipping gives the dog a puppy look. A uniform and natural hairstyle spreads across the dog’s body. It is easy to maintain, and you can do it yourself.
  • German Trim: You can lend a sharp outlook with it. This style keeps the hair short-trimmed across the body except for the legs. It can combat Poodle matting and ear infections by maintaining more cleanliness.
  • Continental Clip: It involves pom-poms or ankle bracelets. The puppy gets thicker tufts of hair around the chest and back. This highly stylish outlook is a thing for the shows. It requires a good amount of work.

Standard Poodle Grooming Plan

Grooming can be done at home or at groomers’. Follow my outlines as I describe in the next section.

Home Grooming Guide: For puppies, you must habituate it to regular home grooming. It will lower stress in adulthood. Maintain a laid-back Poodle care routine. A daily brush will get him used to it. Moreover, you must focus on the most friction spots, like the armpits.

Professional Groomers’ Plan: Mostly, your budget will determine the frequency of going to the dog saloons. On average, a monthly visit will keep the puppy’s coat tip-top. A tricky tip for you from me right here! A clipped coat can lessen the brushing frequency. Plus, a short coat will keep it clean across visits.

Poodle’s Hypoallergenic Coat

Poodles are a low shedding dog breed. They are reputed for a hypoallergenic coat. So they are more suitable dogs for allergy sufferers. Again, do not take it for a low maintenance dog coat. Hence, daily brushing is a must. 

This practice will keep their dense, curly coat in a healthy state. Brushing will fight mat formation as well. In short, Standard Poodles are high-maintenance dogs despite being a hypoallergenic puppy breed. Grooming is fundamental to their care.

Final Words

So, do Standard Poodles have hair or fur? I spoke from a Poodle owner’s point of view. Now, you have a clear understanding of this whole issue.  They have shiny, curly hair ready for all sorts of grooming and beauty plans.

Lastly, the Poodle’s hair growth cycle is a longer one. Their natural hair cycle involves three phases: new hair growing (anagen), resting (catagen), and falling out (telogen). They shed less because this cycle takes time to finish. Also, it repeats throughout the puppy’s lifetime.

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