Is Poodle a Good Family Dog?

Yes, Poodles are picture-perfect family dogs. They are flawless companions for your children. Their patience and loving nature are a boon for your family. Besides, keen intelligence and custom dog sizes turn these puppies into the choicest dogs for homes.

Poodles offer extreme family compatibility. However, they come with distinct personalities just like any other dog. Moreover, your family lifestyle could be ideal for another dog breed, like the Border Collie a herder.

Importantly, Poodles are the best family dogs if you seek an ultimate companion and a sporty puppy.

Is Poodle a Good Family Dog?

Are Poodles the best family dogs?

Several solid Poodle traits give you good reasons to love this smart family puppy. Poodle lovers choose them for six remarkable causes. Is this fun-loving dog a good match for your family? Let’s break it down.

Peaceful Poodles 

Poodles are amicable dogs with remarkable friendly features. They can cohabit with other pet animals despite having individual preferences.

Nylabone has designed some exclusively popular chew toys for dogs. Their dog experts say that “Toy Poodles tend to play with cats, Miniatures generally tolerate them, and Standards pretend they don’t exist.”

Three size variations

Poodles officially have three distinct size differences: Toy, Miniature, and Standard. The Toy Poodle is the smallest with 10 inches of height at the withers.

The Miniature Poodle commands 10-15 inches of height at the shoulder. Standard Poodles are the tallest at 27 inches or above height. The Poodle Club of America lays down the physical attributes.

Easily trainable Poodles

Highly intelligent Poodles are outstanding trainees. Their people-oriented characteristics drive them to please the owners. Hence, you must stick to the positive reinforcement dog training tactics. Dogs barely feel remorse in the face of punishment.

Also, they cannot connect the dots between a bad deed and punishment. Poodles are no exception in this respect.

Incredibly social

Poodles love their family no matter what. Bred as hunter dogs, Poodles love exercise sessions and socializing with your family. Typically, they are loyal and enthusiastic companions for one and all. Poodles can go close to becoming velcro dogs pretty quickly as Hill’s Pet puts it.

Adventure-friendly Poodles

Highly active Poodles are all for exciting hiking and running. He is your ultimate adventure partner second to none. Walk to a new place with him. The Poodle is sure to stimulate and invigorate your spirit. He gets you going for even more. Getting a Poodle is the shortest path to great exercise sessions.

Kid-friendly Poodles

Poodles have a cool temperament. They keep it cozy with all family members. Most importantly, they maintain impressive relations with your children. They are playmates and soulmates. Your kids love the presence of the puppy and vice versa. Poodles could be your next no-nuisance dog.

Why is Poodle the best family dog?

Poodles are the top family dogs for their friendly and funny character. They kindle up the environment with effortless gestures. Children and adults love them alike. These dogs prefer attention and playfulness above everything else.

Smart Poodles are the top training elements. A friendly and funny personality absorbs the training lessons pretty well. As you get them housetrained, they would not pee everywhere in the house.

Violence is never their thing. Hence, children and pets can safely enjoy their companionship. Soon, your Poodle becomes an inevitable family member with love and playfulness.

Are Poodles good with kids?

Adopting a dog requires several considerations if you have children in the house. For instance, the physical size of the puppy and its behavior comes first. Besides, you must carefully examine its intentions around children and pets. Poodles are peerless kid-friendly dogs all along.


Friendliness puts Poodles at the top of your choice for a family with children. They are the best dog friends to humans and animals as poodles enjoy your companionship.

Hypoallergenic dog

Poodles offer an extraordinary hypoallergenic coat. They rarely do shed and are the best dogs for allergic owners. 

Robust dog

Poodles are highly energetic dogs with cheerful souls. People tend to love them like no other pets due to having quality time. Good energy levels and stamina put them in higher esteem.

Easy training

Loyal and intelligent Poodles are cooperative. So, you can easily train them. Poodles are in high demand because of their trick learning capacities.

Cool demeanor

Poodles are almost never aggressive and are superb family dogs. However, the young ones often show some belligerence. But positive reinforcement and training can fix these temperamental issues.

Nice stranger behavior

Polite Poodles prefer befriending strangers than going bellicose on them. They cherish human interaction with affectionate sociability.


Poodles could easily topple other dogs to the top spot in terms of loyalty. Play Bark Run claims that Mini Poodles are the most loyal dogs in the world.

5 challenges to Getting a Poodle

Several reasons give you headaches as some people consider it to be the worst dog breed to own.

Coat maintenance

Poodles come with long hair with a tremendous maintenance requirement than their short-haired counterparts. You must brush it daily to avoid mats and tangles on the coat. Clip the coat every 4-8 weeks based on their fur and your schedules.

Spending money on his coat is a must. So, a non-committed dog owner finds this breed rather redundant. The dog grooming bills might lure you to pick another dog breed. 

Mental stimulation

Energetic Poodles are never content to become lap dogs. They are always in search of doing something. Their sharp intellect leads them to destructive behavior including digging, chewing, and barking in absence of adequate mental stimulation. 

Barking specialist

Poodles possess keen eyes and they see things around. This unusual observational capacity prompts them to frequently make a sound. Poodles need specialized training not to bark at a young age. Else, you would not find these barking habits pleasing.

Emotionally sensitive

Loud noises startle a Poodle as a sensitive dog. A lot of shrieking sounds in the house can upset this elegant dog breed. Gastrointestinal issues and neurotic behavior are common symptoms of stress responses.

Health concerns

Poodles live a long life but they develop some serious health issues along the way. The breed line has a telling impact on the dog’s life. You have to explore it to avoid genetic health problems. Standard Poodles have inbreeding issues. Major health concerns spring from their gene pool.

Do Poodles do well with children?

Poodles have a natural gift for understanding commands and information. Their agile movement helps them a lot. Extremely trained and motivated Poodles are impressive companions for kids.

Their puffy fur and perfect size turn Poodle outstandingly cozy and cuddly. They are tremendous baby guards. Also, you can expect them to guard your home. Their heightened security sense is a boon for the owner.

Overall, Poodles are kid-friendly. Your children will soon grow fond of the Poodle.


Meet Pumba, a proud Poodle lover and owner. From a young age, Pumba has always had a deep affinity for dogs, finding their loyal and affectionate nature to be irresistible. As she grew older, she knew that she wanted to share her life with a furry friend and soon adopted her first Poodle dog.

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